The Dandelion Initiative is a grassroots not for profit organization based in Toronto, led by survivors for survivors. Founded in 2016 by Viktoria Belle and supported, developed, informed and inspired by dedicated community members, volunteers and our amazing board of directors. Our organization is led by knowledgeable, professional and skilled survivors, who are dedicating to sexual
violence education and prevention.

We work to prioritize the voices of LGBTQ2s+ community members, BIPOC folx, Indigenous survivors, Women, disabled folx, newcomers, Trans community members and Non-Binary people. The Dandelion Initiative uses an integrated anti-oppressive and trauma informed model for all the work we do.

We believe in the power of education as a form of resistance to sexual violence.

Survivors are not just victims, we are knowledgeable, skilled, resilient, informed, engaged, active and empowered. We are dedicated to remaining a survivor led initiative and will work to ensure the voices of survivors are amplified and that
access to services are more equitable and meaningful.

A dandelion can grow through concrete against all odds and so shall we.


Feminism and the liberation of women and feminized people begins with our unified fight to end sexual violence and our collective resistance to rape culture.

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