The Dandelion Initiative's Safer Bars and Safer Spaces program was created by knowledgeable hospitality industry professionals and survivors. This training is intended as a 101 for spaces, organizations and businesses to learn how to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence in the workplace and outside of it while building an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy.

Did you know?

In Ontario all employers are required to have an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy in accordance to Bill 132- the amendment made to the occupational health and safety act here in Ontario.

Did you know? That the Canadian criminal code has clear definitions and perimeters around what sexual harassment and violence looks like in spaces and at work. We can help you build these policies and practices to ensure that you and your staff know how to prevent sexual harassment and violence and how to respond to it.

Safer spaces are built on foundations of equity, inclusion and ongoing learning opportunities and practices. 


"Highly Recommend. Worth every penny spent, and it wasnt even that many penny's"-Civil Liberties

"Have done the training with my staff, Viktoria Belle and her team were excellent professionals who engaged and taught a broad group of staff members. Highly recommended."- Apt 200


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