College street bar Rally

We had a small but mighty group of survivors and allies gather together over the course of two different days to raise awareness over the safety issues at College street bar and the horrifying alleged sexual assault that took place at that very bar by the manager and bar owner. 

After some petitions and demonstrations and a lot of support from City Councillor Mike Layton, we were successful in putting through a motion here at City hall to have College street bar's license removed. We did this because this was not a safe space for any Torontonian and we needed to come together and show the rest of our community that we are not apathetic towards rape and rape culture.

Since 2017 College street bar has been shut down. 




This was the original post from our event, you can find it archived on our facebook page. 

We held our first demonstration outside of college street bar in December when the news first broke about the horrifying sexual assault charges laid against the owner Gavin Macmillian and manager Enzo De Jesus Carrasco. 

Now, a month later new charges surface. Charges that paint a very clear picture about the violent crimes against humanity that these two men have allegedly taken part in.

We are gathering outside of college street bar AGAIN, to demand that they close until after the trial. To demand that they remain accountable and transparent to the patrons and people of Toronto. To demand that this never happens again. 

We are working with Councillor Layton to have this bars liquor licence removed. We WILL NOT stand silent or complacent anymore. 

We demand accountability and we NEED to make toronto a leader in standing up against sexual assault and violence.

Join us friday evening infront of college street bar at 8pm to show survivors that we believe, we will stand together and we will resist against a culture of complacency.
December 23, 2016 at 12pm - 2pm
College Street Bar