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Survivors thrive, we build meaningful relationships, we build businesses, we raise families, we fight austerity and injustice, we build movements, we organize, we rally, we support, we heal, we help, we do this all because we are survivors.

This event focuses on the resiliency and power of survivors and the beauty in our art, work and knowledge.

Our Sunday funday spent together will include a lot of incredible vendors and performers listed below!

The event is free so save your $$$ to buy yourself whatever you want and can at our community market, there will be zines, art, self care supports, resources, books, pins, patches and more. 

Raffle prizes!- thats right! we will be selling raffle tickets at $5 a ticket for a HUGE selection of raffle prizes from self care tools- to gift cards! We wanted to make the raffle ticket price accessible for most, all proceeds go to The Dandelion Initiative. Details on raffle prizes coming soon!

There will be photography, by our incredible community member and OG DI supporter Jessica Laforet, if you do not wish to have your photo taken please just let Jessica know. We will be posting photos to our facebook and instagram and twitter, however we will not tag people. If you require a photo to be taken off of our facebook page at anytime PLEASE email us and we will do so without question.

We hope that you can join us and participate in an afternoon of survivors doing what we do best, coming together as a community to support and celebrate one another.

Thank you to our sister organization The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre for donating $300 so we could cover the venue fee and sound person fee and keep this a FREE event. xo


Frizz Kid insta @frizzkidart Hana Shafi a.k.a Frizz Kid is an illustrator and writer in Toronto who is best known for her weekly affirmation series. So far she has created over 130 affirmation artworks, and she has been featured in CBC Arts, Flare Magazine, Buzzfeed Canada, Buzzfeed India, Mashable, and a number of other publications. Her upcoming book, It Begins with The Body, is set to hit stores September 10th. 

Amika Cooper - // insta @blackpowerbarbie 
"I draw. I take my emotions, a song, a story and distill it's essence into an image. I animate. I make my drawings come to life and tell stories with motion. Or I build scenes and characters out of clay with my hands to make moving images through stop motion"

Uranical- insta @uranical_astrology
Laur uses the language of astrology, tarot, and magic to weave narratives of resilience and transformation. Their readings and services always centre empowerment through self-care, and are informed by their experiences as a queer and gender nonconforming disabled mystic and activist. Stop by their table for spell kits, zines, magic supplies, and an astrology or tarot reading. 

Glad Day Bookshop- "Glad Day Bookshop was created in 1970. This makes it not only the world's oldest surviving LGBTQ bookstore but also Toronto's oldest surviving bookstore. We believe we have the largest collection of LGBTQ titles in the world. Story, representation and freedom of speech are critical elements of queer & trans culture and identity – our bookstore is an important place that supports, nurtures and inspires creativity and community."

Catalyst Community 
Tara Ní Máire (they/them) is a genderqueer herbalist + medicine grower who creates plant remedies based in their ancestral Éireannach//Irish plant medicine traditions. Tara has been offering sliding-scale community care for 15 years, specializing in creating homogrown herbal remedies + care plans to support folks through times of transitions. As a survivor, Tara's work is trauma-informed + rooted in a harm reduction approach that honours supporting folks where they are at.

Nervous Habits From record tote bags to zipper pouches and wristlets, to stickers and patches, to upcycled t-shirts, Nervous Habits is neurotically handcrafted from start to finish using hand-drawn and carved stamped prints that are sewn in small batches by over-caffeinated manic maker and busy body Jess Santos, who currently resides in London via Toronto.

Sophia BolosSophia Bolos RMT, RAc

Through a variety of non-invasive hands-on techniques Sophia aims to ease physical and emotional tension, at your pace. Curate your own unique treatment experience with any combination of massage therapy, acupressure, Pain Neutralization Technique and ear seeds. From neck, shoulder and back treatments to scalp, hand or foot massage, you can relax knowing you're in the hands of an experienced practitioner who holds your goals and comfort  as her top priority. 

Cass & LOAt CASS & LO, every step that we take is taken to create the life we want to live - easy, happy, creative. 

One expression of that life is creating one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that we hope can evoke confidence 
within the wearer that the fact of being different is, in itself, beautiful. 
M.W- Bio Coming soon. 

Yamikani Msosa- Love Unity Community Yoga or LUCY is a grassroots social justice trauma informed yoga program that focuses on making yoga accessible, informed and fun! Founded by Yamikani Msosa in 2017, when she found that most yoga classes that she attended in Ottawa consisted of able-bodied, white and middle class folks. She wanted to change the climate and began teaching at Bodyfull Yoga at The Cultural Arts Studio, School Of Afro-Caribbean Dance . Since moving to Toronto, Yami has been offering classes in various community spaces, including Toronto Rape Crisis Centre, Kwartha Sexual Assault Centre, Allied Media Conference- Detroit, Avalon Sexual Assault Centre and More. Yami has worked in the anti-sexual violence movement for the last 10 years as an advocate and educator. 

Love and StruggleWe are makers and creators of wearable art representing Toronto’s many flavours and experiences. We draw inspiration from our geography—both physical and human. Through our struggles we have discovered beauty hiding in unlikely places. By refaceting, reframing and rebirthing our discoveries, we bring you something  that is uniquely you. We are Love and Struggle.


Carmen Elle- Perfect Health. An incredible singer, songwriter, artist, activist, community member and DI Fave.

Jaicyea is a professionally trained, versatile bellydancer from the city of Toronto. "I use bellydance as a tool to engage groups I work to empower women of all ages with an esteem-boosting model. We discuss health and body image to promote a safe space." Check out more of her here: Her Buddha Belly

Reesee Zigga Zagga takes pictures and is based in Toronto. In 2012, she founded Reclaim Your Voice, a grassroots organization which creates safe spaces where people who have experienced abuse can share their stories. Since creating this movement in the name of peace and healing for all, she has hosted 50 events of this nature, performed spoken word poetry at notable platforms including TEDxRougeRiver, and is a frequent guest speaker at schools where she reminds youth of their own capacities to be agents of change. 

We are so honoured to be able to bring together so many people with so many skills and talents for a sunday of healing, good friends and good vibes. 

We hope to see you there! This is community care.

Music for the evening will be supplied by The Dandelion Initiative Spotify playlist, especially curated by yours truly. So, wilson phillips will be on there, for sure. 

Venue details and norms

The tranzac has gender neutral washrooms on the main floor


We will not have a bar or bartender at this event- however you can purchase alcoholic drinks at the southern cross bar in the next room over from the main hall :) We wanted to remain mindful of our sober community BUT also make sure that those folx who want or need to have a drink can do so safely. 

We will not tolerate any form of violence and you will be asked kindly to leave if you demonstrate any harmful behaviours. 

We cannot wait to see you there! xo 



August 19, 2018 at 2pm - 6pm
The Tranzac
Volunteer Coordinator ·

Will you come?