Cultured Community Event TO

Cultured Community will take place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The Drake Hotel, 1150 Queen Street West in Toronto on March 8, with scheduled speakers and complimentary refreshments and snacks. 

All those working in the hospitality industry — front and back of house staff, business owners and managers, chefs, sommeliers, brewers/distillers, media, publicists and marketers/designers — are welcome to attend. While there is no cost for the event, donations made in any form to the "The Dandelion Initiative" and "Nellie's Women's Shelter" will be graciously accepted. Learn more about the charitable partners:

The featured speakers for "Cultured Community" will include: Sarah Parniak, Writer & Canadian Ambassador | NOW Magazine, Seedlip - the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit; 
Evelyn Chick, Bar Manager | Pretty Ugly Bar; 
Christina Veira, Bartender | Drake 150 & Apt. 200; 
Phoebe Salvador, Artist Manager | Self-Emplyed; 
Jessica Blaine Smith, Photographer & Co-Founder | Jessica Blaine Photography & Bartender Atlas; 
Emily Anne Blake, Co-Founder & Communications Director | Mahjong Bar; 
Viktoria Belle, Activist & Founder | The Dandelion Initiative; 
Charlotte Langley, Chef & Culinary Curator | Restaraurants Canada; 
Maria Rosales, Consultant, Marketing & Branding | Self-Emplyed; 
Chantelle Gabino, Bartender & Events Manager | The Drake Hotel & Bittered Sling.

Sponsors for the networking event include (in alphabetical order): Bittered Sling, Corby Spirit and Wine Ltd., The Drake Hotel, Minibar Canada, OBC (Ontario's Bartending Community), Seedlip 



Today I was so honoured to be a part of this incredible group of womyn, from so many different walks of life and experiences. Listening to one another, sharing knowledge and challenging one another with respect and empowerment is critical to building an inclusive movement.

We walk together as womyn. All womyn and feminized folx.

We cannot build a resistance to the patriarchy on the backs of other womyn. International women's day is a day to remember the womyn who gave theirlives, who continue to give their lives for our collective freedom.

having participated in this panel, then played a show with my band now Im sitting here in my home, safe and loved, remembering a time when I didn't think I would ever feel safe or loved. I remember the stories of my people and their thriving in the harshest of climates, I feel the work and the energy of all the womyn and non binary folx in my life that carry the roots to resistance and transformation daily. I am honoured to get to do this work every day and I hope that there are more of us coming together to fight the patriarchy and build an intersectional feminist movement for everyone.

Viktoria Belle, founder