Please email us for a short consultation and quote, we ensure that all classes use anti-oppressive frameworks that are survivor centered and inclusive.

These classes can be adapted for your group, we will always work to ensure that they are meaningful and have a lasting positive impact on your spaces, staff and community members. Each class has handouts or a small workbook

Non-Profit Board Training and Support

Non-profit board of directors play a vital role in developing best practices for an organization or space while directly supporting the dedicated staff and volunteers that they govern. You are accountable to your members (community) in creating safer and more inclusive practices. The environment in which not-for-profit organizations operate is rapidly changing: changes in funding, government, complex operating environments and greater stakeholder expectations for accountability and transparency. At the same time, the Cutting Unnecessary Red Tape Act, 2017, S.O. 2017, c. 20 - Bill 154 and the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) have established new legislations and regulations around the operations of Not for profit organizations. Understanding how to navigate these rules and remaining dedicated to the reason you joined the board is essential for success. It is crucial to learn not only skills of governance but also to learn skills to empower one another and ensure that your board remains healthy and functioning in safer ways. To have a voice at the table and to be able to participate in decision making that impacts your members and community is a privilege and role that can enrich your life and the people around you.

Creating Safer Spaces: Preventing Sexual Assault and Violence

This class covers the complex and pervasive normalization of sexual violence and harassment. Using an intersectional and feminist lens, we navigate different norms that have created spaces where sexual violence is often normalized. We focus on concept such as bystander intervention, accountability, and safety planning. This workshop comes with a workbook that will provide participants with supports and tools.

Responding to sexual assault and harassment

This class teaches participants how to recognize sexual violence and harassment and how to respond to it. The language we use for this workshop is survivor centric and is based on best practices, guided by the human rights code of Canada. We focus on intersectional and inclusive forms of responding and follow up. We wrap up this workshop survivor supports and community resources that will help us understand and believe survivors. Handouts are provided with this workshop.

Consent: What we were never taught:

96% of Canadians think that sexual activity should be consensual, however only 33% of Canadians know what consent looks like. Consent education has been overlooked as a crucial component to ending gender based/sexual violence. When we understand how to set boundaries, respect and actively listen to one another and practice enthusiastic consent, we are creating cultures of consent that offer safer opportunities and experiences for all people. Handouts are provided with this workshop.

Policy Development 101: Writing your Anti-harassment and Sexual Violence policy and procedure:

This workshop focuses on developing an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy that is in accordance to the changes in occupational health and safety (bill 132), Employment standards (bill 148) and survivor centric practices. One of the major risk factors for sexual violence and harassment are weak policies and practices that empower employees to be accountable and support survivors when they need to report or disclose. We cover everything from assessing your space and team to ensure the policy will have a positive impact, to using the best protocols and language for you and your team/space. This workshop comes with a policy template.



Justice and Self/Community Care

Reclaiming sex after sexual assault

Trauma informed Peer supports

Feminist organizing and community engagement

Resiliency and Trauma: The dandelion grows