How can artists deal with sexual assault in the wake of #MeToo?

Whatever you have been through and however you choose to heal is all valid. Seek out the resources in your community that can offer you support. Calgary has the Calgary Sexual Health Centre and Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse; Vancouver has Women Against Violence Against Women; Edmonton has the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. I am sure there are equivalents in every city. Know that there are people in your circle of friends, in your artistic community and in your family that will support you. When you figure out who they are, share with them whatever you feel comfortable sharing. Even if you don't want to say anything about what you have been through, arm yourself with their company. 


To any survivor I would first say: I believe you, I see you, this wasn't your fault and you are in charge of what you want to do and how you want your healing to look like.- Dandelion, a Toronto-based grassroots initiative by survivors for survivors