How safe is Toronto's music scene?

I am so very honoured to be able to talk about the dandelion initiatives work with thoughtful, powerful and talented journalists like Carly Lewis.

This article highlights the challenges we have had with sharing our work and knowledge , the successes we know are to come and the other women/folx and amazing organizations that are working to end sexual violence.

There is so much knowledge and tools out there to make spaces safer and accountable for us all. It ain't a buzzkill to get training that will empower you and your community.

Its the day before election day, I read and re-read this article hoping that we all come together tomorrow to resist apathy, to support survivors and to stand together as a community of people committed to ending sexual violence and gender based violence.


“There’s a lot of stigma around this kind of training and around these conversations. Everybody feels they’re being punished,” says Belle. “And that’s absolutely not our mandate. We’re not there to punish people. We’re there to proactively meet people where they’re at and educate them to do better.” 

Read the entire article here or go grab a copy of Now Magazine!