I am evidence

"I can't understand what was so unimportant about me."

In the United States, survivors who report their assault are left abandoned by the criminal justice system in the form of thousands of untested rape kits. In Canada the question is whether you have access to a rape kit at all.

Where you live determines how easy it is to get a rape kit, how sensitively you're treated, and if that evidence can even hold up in court. British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba have some of the worst access to rape kits, further deterring survivors from reporting.

This gruelling process can take upwards of 2-6 hours where your body is treated like a crime scene, like evidence. Survivors in the US and Canada deserve a medical and justice system that is survivor-centric, trauma-informed, and accessible to all #WeDeserveBetter

trigger/content warning: details of sexual assault and detailed descriptions.

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