We recognize that we have an obligation to our community to let them know the status of each participating bar, restaurant, festival, and venues. Therefor we have decided to use the following descriptions with our safer bars listing:

1. Completed- Means the bar has completed the training- its the first step. satisfactory. 

2. Completed and Invested-means the bar has completed training and showed a vested interest in creating safer spaces and stronger policies. 

3. Completed, Invested, Followed up- means the bar has completed the training, showed a vested interest in creating safer spaces and stronger policies AND followed up with us on proactive solutions on how they intend to do this. 

Our intention is never to slander any establishment or present a bias to our community members and their patrons/customers. Therefor we believe this process is both transparent and respectful. 

If we see evidence of, or experience, transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism or witness clear examples of a lack of accountability, we will ask you to refrain from using our safer bars vinyl sticker at your establishment. There is always an opportunity to receive the training again as a follow up. 



Name and Date

Completed  Invested  Followed up 

Double Double Land, 2017

             X            X                X

Apartment 200, 2018

                 X              X                   

Civil Liberties, 2018

               X              X  X. Civil Liberties has also been awarded the Dandelion Safer Space certificate for outstanding policies and employee support.

The Horseshoe, Lees, Dancecave, 2018


The Tranzac, 2018

               X            X


Lula Lounge, 2018

 X  X


The Monarch Tavern, 2018



CODA Toronto



Small World Music



The Music Gallery



Venus Fest