Me Too? Now What? A Survivor Centric Conversation

We held an informative and moving evening where community came together to discuss #NowWhat? after the #Metoo movement we felt it was so necessary to bring everyone to the table and ask what do survivors do now, with more exposure, with more stigma, with less resources and more demands.

Our conversations were empowering, the advice given was clear and true and the community had a resounding unified response of love and resistance. 



Original Event description:

The Dandelion Initiative will be creating space for a community conversation about the #MeToo Campaign. How do survivors feel about campaign likes this? Do they cause more harm than good? What do we do know? and how do we come together and resist againt the apathy of rape culture and partiarchy. 

We'll be hosting an informal panel discussion moderated by Viktoria Belleand Rhiannon Downey from the Dandelion Initiative. 

Samantha Viarruel has a non-profit background, focusing primarily in reproductive justice and front-line youth and women’s counseling and education. She is the founder of the Inner Development Project, a workshop-based outreach program for young womxn in Toronto. Samantha is passionate about education as a powerful tool in activism, striving to be part of the change she hopes to see in society.

Yamikani Msosa is a captivating speaker and activist. She is now the Specialist of the Consent Comes First Office at Ryerson University. Her work previously included The Sexual Assault Support Centre as training and development coordinator. She empowers survivors to find healing and love through Yoga and activism. She succesfully organized the Intersections 2017 conference at Ottawa City Hall and is joining us from Ottawa! Yamikani is a Queer Black Femme . Anti-violence advocate and currently residing on Dish with One Spoon Territory. 

Julia De Laurentiis Johnson is an editor and podcast producer with Shameless, a magazine for teen girls and trans youth thats grounded in principles of social justice and anti-oppression.
She’s also a crisis line counselor with the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre.

The conversation will be questions based on feedback from our #NowWhatCampaign and the #MeToo Campaign. We heard you loud and clear! We want to come together and within a safe space talk about our next steps and barriers, successes and unifying resistence. 

*please note that LESSBAR is an accessible space, however due to renovations their only bathrooms are located at the bottom of several stairs. 

Please let us know if this would be a barrier for you by sending us an email or private message and we will do our best to make any arrangements we can*

There will be educational resources and our #SafeBarsON posters along with other survivor-centric and survivor created materials. 

This event is FREE, but there will be a donation bin if you have the means to help support us and our work, and in turn allow us to continue supporting the community. 

November 15, 2017 at 12pm - 3pm