Never Blame the Victim Campaign

YWCA Canada launches its annual Rose Campaign to end violence against women today on Parliament Hill with a call for Canadians to #NeverBlameTheVictim of sexual assault. Through the Rose Campaign, Canada’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service association supports the wave of change on sexual assault working to end victim blaming and rape culture and adopt a consent culture.

“We need to shift the stigma of sexual assault so it falls on the attacker, not the woman or girl who is assaulted. It’s no more shameful to have been sexually assaulted than to have your car stolen,” says Ann Decter, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy at YWCA Canada. “With convictions in less than one per cent of sexual assaults, victim blaming and sexual assault myths are rooted in the failure of the justice system. We must have the courage to deal with judges who aren’t capable of applying the law of consent and the rape shield law.”