3 Toronto police officers not guilty in sexual assault case

Sadly, we cannot say good morning today. Another great injustice for survivors was handed down by our "justice system". Today 3 men who lured their colleague with alcohol and drugs, 3 men who raped her and humiliated her, were found not guilty by Justice Anne Molloy.

"The complainant had alleged she was assaulted multiple times after a night out with alcohol consumption involved.

She testified her memory was spotty and that she was unable to move or talk as she allegedly was assaulted at a downtown hotel. (which is a symptom of dosing and drugging, justice anne molloy, that not HER FAULT)

But the judge said: "I cannot be sure what happened in that hotel room."

Molloy also touched on a critical piece of evidence for the defence — security video footage that showed the complainant walking normally into the hotel while talking with two of the accused officers. (normally? how do you know what her normal walk compared to her not normal walk is?- thats just a pile of bullshit)

"Her symptoms are inconsistent with objective video footage," said Molloy."

This is something we see too often, drug facilitated sexual assault creates apparent blurred lines and inconsistencies, that further cloud concrete evidence. I would propose that we build our justice system on trauma informed and new research to ensure that survivors are not consistently put on trial and asked leading questions like

"You went into that hotel room with enthusiasm expecting sex?"
"Absolutely not."

To use the survivors willingness and trust in her colleagues against her, too damn her for her right to party, drink, do drugs is something we just see too often in cases of sexual assault.

We know that alcohol is the most common drug used in sexual assault, and 48% that’s ALMOST HALF, of men ages 18-25 believe that sex with a womyn who is too drunk to consent is NOT RAPE.

We will be organizing to bring awareness around this decision and show our support for the survivor. updates to come soon.