Our Safe Bar Posters are Here!

HOOOOOOOORAY!!! HERE THEY ARE!! OUR SAFE BARS POSTERS! thank you endlessly to Harley Haskett for your commitment to being our biggest ally and my greatest friend and for creating these posters with us!

These posters have simple messages, reminders of human dignity, consent, awareness and zero tolerance for any sexual violence or harassment. The tools they provide are the starting points to creating safe space and were created by survivors and bar and service staff.

Its been a very hard time for us all, I don't know if it ever is not, but little moments of kindness, community support, love, friendship and seeing posters like this across the city of Toronto remind me that healing and change are coming!

So many amazing bars and restaurants have signed on for our safe bars project- I look forward to seeing these in every bar- not just the womyn's washrooms!

If you would like to order these please email: ourdandelioninitiative@gmail.com and let us know how many you would like and your mailing address.

We are a small grassroots collective so we will have to charge for these posters just to cover our costs for printing and mailing.

Posters are 5$ each and payment can be made in cash, interac transfer or paypal. Please email us to find out more.

A dandelion can grow in concrete, against all odds and so shall we. 
#dandelioninitiative #safebarsON 

All my love and gratitude to you all. 
- Viktoria Belle, Founder and Coordinator Dandelion Initiative