Police Document Details Gang Sex Assault Allegation Against Cops

51 division police and John Tory WE DEMAND that you meet with us or any of our community partners who deliver survivor centric support and advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence.

We will be drafting a petition to ensure that we have the opportunity to hold our systems accountable to the people that they are appointed to protect and serve.

Within 48 hours we will be filing a petition for the following:

- That 51 Division meet with The Dandelion Initiative and our other community partners. 
- That our mayor John Tory respond to this grotesque and unjust process of re-traumatizing and victim shaming. 
- That there be accountability and a promise for internal review of 51 divisions sexual assault and harassment policy and training. 
- Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould tabled new legislation that updates Canada's sexual assault laws and weeds out obsolete "zombie" laws still on the books, which explicitly relates to an unconscious person not being able to consent- which is the case here. We demand that our municipality support this amendment to legislation immediately.

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