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Policy Development and Support

Often the reason that survivors do not come forward to report incidents of sexual harassment or violence is because there are concerns that supervisors or employers would retaliate against them for the disclosure or further harm them.

To create safer spaces for all people we must acknowledge, reflect and respond to these challenges transparently by prioritizing survivors. The best way to begin this process is with acknowledging that every space and person has the capacity to harm and be harmed. Byacknowledging this we can begin to address our challenges equip our staff and spaces to prevent sexual
harassment and violence.

What are the top risk factors for sexual violence in the workplace?

Lack of institutional support for victims/survivors
Lack of employment opportunities
Adherence to traditional gender role norms in the workplace
Weak sanctions against sexual violence perpetrators
Weak policies related to sexual violence and gender equity

Employers have a critical role in discouraging inappropriate behaviour in the workplace before it escalates into a violent or harassing incident. Creating safer spaces means there is zero tolerance for harassment and violence in the workplace and requires employees and employers to work together on prevention and resolution.

This process is not about policing spaces or restricting your practices its about safety and accountability, ensuring that you are decreasing your liability and the harm to those who work for you. We use a trauma informed, inclusive and anti-oppression framework to help you and your team succeed in creating an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy, we believe that you want to do your best and we want to support you to get there.

"I am dedicated to helping organizations and people learn the art of policy development and how important it is that the practices for these policies build strong and healthy spaces that prevent and respond to sexual violence and harassment"- Viktoria Belle

We have created individual anti-harassment and sexual violence policies for music venues, restaurants, bars and not for profit organizations. 

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