Sign the petition in support of Bill 26, Domestic and Sexual Violence Workplace Leave, Accommodation and Training Act, 2016


We have been working hard with our partners to better understand Bill 132 and how it effects you! We will have a summary and toolkit available in the first week of December so please stay tuned!

We are attending a press conference with the OFL on November 24th at Queens Park to support Bill 26 -…

The OFL is joining with cross-sector community partners including justice, health, education, violence against women, among others, strongly supporting Bill 26, Domestic and Sexual Violence Workplace Leave, Accommodation and Training Act, 2016. Bill 26 speaks to the pressing need to support victims of sexual and domestic violence with paid time off to see a doctor, attend a crisis centre, find a place to live, get counselling or go to court.

Legislation that includes mandatory training is needed to sensitize employers to the warning signs, impacts and risks so that they can develop informed, effective and appropriate measures of response. The Ontario bill goes beyond Manitoba with ten days of paid leave as well as unpaid leave and the opportunity for flexible work arrangements for victims of sexual as well as domestic violence.

The Bill unanimously passed second reading debate on October 20, 2016. To support the quick passage of the Bill, download and sign the petition to support the quick passage of Bill 26.

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