The Action Plan


Anti-harassment and Sexual Violence Accountability Plan: Education, Action and Prevention

Across Canada there are over 600,000 cases of reported sexual violence, sadly our workplaces and organizations are the spaces where this violence and harassment often happens, especially to women and feminized people. Regularly the perpetrators of harassment and sexual violence are people we know, in fact over 87% of survivors know the perpetrator before the assault happened. Sexual violence and harassment are not private issues that only effect the survivor or perpetrator the impact has a resounding negative effect on our communities and businesses.

There are many risk factors that contribute to the normalization of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace such as power dynamics, precarious work, strict hierarchies, lack of inclusivity, and a lack of institutional supports for staff and ownership. Often the reason that survivors do not come forward to report incidents of sexual harassment or violence is because there are concerns that supervisors or employers would retaliate against them for the disclosure or further harm them. To create safer spaces for all people we must acknowledge, reflect and respond to these challenges transparently by prioritizing survivors. The best way to begin this process is with acknowledging that every space and person has the capacity to harm and be harmed. By acknowledging this we can begin to address our challenges equip our staff and spaces to prevent sexual harassment and violence.

Creating a safer work culture starts with Education, Action and Prevention, we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to this plan with three different sessions and a lasting partnership. True transformation starts with believing survivors and working to ensure workplaces are free of sexual harassment and violence.

Our three session plan has the following training and services:

  1. Safer Bars and Safer Spaces Training for you and your staff, this session also provides you with policy recommendations as a follow up
  2. Either choose from one of our classes or request a Community Accountability session if you need support with a situation currently
  3. Policy Development and Support, we provide you with a thorough anti-harassment and sexual violence policy and training to help you build practices around this policy with your team

Details of Sessions

Safer Bars and Safer Spaces Training

We put so much time and effort into crafting our drinks, choosing our ingredients, developing our event plans, our spaces deserve the same care and creativity. Building a safer space means building a stronger team and a better business.

This training was built by hospitality industry professionals and survivors. The Dandelion Initiative’s Safer Bars and Safer Spaces training is anti-oppressive and trauma-informed. We believe that when you meet people in their day to day there are more opportunities to learn in meaningful and empowering ways. We will help you understand why sexual violence and harassment happen so often in our spaces and what you can do to transform that culture!

We cover a variety of topics during this training including: Privilege & Power- Intersectionality Sexual assault and harassment in the Industry Bystander Intervention tools and techniques Harm reduction- drug facilitated sexual assault Consent- Healthy Communication Workplace Policies and practices. What's Bill 132, 148 and why are they so important? Community responsibility and accountability Supporting Survivors.

Each participant receives their own manual and supplementary resources. Training is 3.5 hours in length. You also receive a listing on our website under the safer spaces registry.

Dandelion Initiative Classes

See a list of our classes with descriptions at:

Community Accountability  Session

Mediation infers that there are both parties responsible and must be treated equally, through restorative justice practices we provide a community accountability session that uses. We take a survivor centric approach which is necessary to mitigate further harm and liabilities. This session is intended to help you navigate challenging conversations around risk factors and problematic behaviours. We will also help you comply with employer best practices that will ensure your workplace culture remains safer and more accountable to your community and patrons. We require that all parties are present at the session EXCEPT the survivor or survivors, the details of who should be attending will be outlined during the phone consultation. The session will run for 2 hours in length with intermediate breaks as needed by participants, we will use de-escalation, anti-oppressive and professional tools to ensure that all parties present are safer and our approach is equitable.

Policy Development and Support

What are the top risk factors for sexual violence in the workplace?

  • Lack of institutional support for victims/survivors
  • Lack of employment opportunities
  • Adherence to traditional gender role norms in the workplace
  • Weak sanctions against sexual violence perpetrators
  • Weak policies related to sexual violence and gender equity

Sexual violence can cost employers in damages of up to 18 million, an indefinable cost to the survivor and community. The lasting impact of a toxic work environment created by a lack of accountability and transparent policies, has negative effects not only on survivors, but on the work culture and business as well. Bill 132 in Ontario is a change to the Occupational Health and Safety Act that requires ALL employers to have an anti-harassment and sexual assault policy, a designated protocol for disclosures, investigation (documenting) and resolution. This is every employee’s fundamental human right, to work without fear of sexual harassment or violence, without fear of a toxic work environment.  Employers have a critical role in discouraging inappropriate behaviour in the workplace before it escalates into a violent or harassing incident. Creating safer spaces means there is zero tolerance for harassment and violence in the workplace and requires employees and employers to work together on prevention and resolution. This process is not about policing spaces or restricting your practices its about safety and accountability, ensuring that you are decreasing your liability and the harm to those who work for you. We use a trauma informed, inclusive and anti-oppression framework to help you and your team succeed in creating an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy, we believe that you want to do your best and we want to support you to get there.

Cost for this Anti-harassment and Sexual Violence Accountability Plan

We will provide you with a quote based on the number of participants after your initial consultation. We will always work with your schedule and do our best to accommodate you and your team. We want to support you and believe that all spaces can work to become safer.

If you are interested in this action plan, please email us!