The Dandelion Initiative Stands in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter - Toronto


The first Pride was a protest, borne out of resistance, by Trans POC who fought, marched, were jailed and assaulted for standing up against police brutality, homophobia and 


Transphobia. For the right to exist without discrimination, harassment and being arrested for simply being themselves.

Pride has always been political, will always be political.

Sexual assault and sexual violence does not exist outside of racism. Yes sexual assault and sexual violence affects all bodies, HOWEVER Black women, POC, Trans and Non-Binary folks are more likely than white, cisgendered able-bodied folks to be sexually assaulted and less likely to report due to systemic, socioeconomic, racist, homophobic and Transphobic barriers that block them from doing so; which includes the police.

In Canada only 6% of sexual assaults are ever reported.

We condemn police brutality against LGBTQ2SAI POC communities. We condemn anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism. We condemn the lack of response by police when reporting sexual assault. We condemn a judicial system that continuously re-victimizes survivors of sexual assault and continuously convicts/kills Black bodies at higher rates then non-Black bodies.

We believe in transformative work, but this work cannot be done by one majority ruling class of specific queer bodies, under the guise of inclusivity. In the words of Rinaldo Walcott, member of the anti-Black racism network, taken from the most recent BLM TO press conference “Pride is political, it always has been and it will continue to be. There is no pride that can legitimately represent Queer people if questions of Black lives and oppression are not central to it, if the question of Palestine liberation are not central to it, if the questions for Indigenous justice and decolonization are not central to it, if Trans people, people living with disabilities, sex workers are not central to it, there’s no pride in pride then."

In solidarity,

Jenna and Viktoria