The "Safe Night Out Act"

We are so proud of MPP Peggy Sattler who is consistently putting survivor centric private bills forward to our legislature. Her most recent bill "The Safe night out act" would make it MANDATORY for all people completing their smart serve training to complete an anti violence and sexual assault component as well. This is a small step towards ensuring that we have fundamental education to empower our service staff and bartenders to create safe space, intervene in non violent ways and react and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

Thank you to Nikolai Patrick Kennedy owner of Civil Liberties for not only supporting the Dandelion Initiatives "Safe Bars" training but for being a leader in creating safe spaces and good working enviroments for all of his staff.

Our "Safe Bars Ontario" project and training will further this conversation and education tool, we look forward to much more collaboration and hope that our current government acts in the best interest of Survivors everywhere. (press release and bill outline to follow)
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