Dandelion Initiative Created Tools:

Summary of Bill 132 and Bill 148 - Did you know you are legally entitled to 5 days paid leave if you are a survivor of violence? Read more about the legislation and how it is aimed to protect survivors and create safer workplaces. Source:Dandelion Initiative.


Check yourself Check list- A great resource for any space that wants to work to become more safe and more accountable. (This is a checklist taken from our Safer Bars/Safer Spaces training manual)


Sexual Assault and Harassment Workplace Policies Guide- This is a short and basic one sheeter that helps give concrete examples of good and bad policy, it also includes an example of a survivor centric policy for your workplace. Source: Dandelion Initiative  


Safer Spaces Checklist for Patrons and Staff- This is a short summary of what could make a space safer for you as staff and for you as a patron as well. (This is taken from our safer bars and safer spaces training manual)


Community Tools (please follow us on social media for more tools and shareables)