Toronto Bar Apologizes After 'No Means Yes' Sign Stirs Outrage…/cana…/toronto/toronto-bar-sign-1.3979641

I was made aware of this last night by all of you! Thank you for rallying together around this incident. There is no room for this in our city. I have connected with management and will have more information along with a formal statement for everyone. We want the following:

1. We want Locals Only to agree to participate in the Dandelion Training.
2. We want Locals Only to write a formal public statement about how they intend to ensure staff and patrons are aware there is zero tolerance for rape culture jokes and jokes surrounding sexual assault and violence against womyn. 
3. We want Locals Only to make sure that they have our "Safe bars" poster in every washroom, which we will have by the end of this week for bars to use in the interim, while our training is being developed.

Writing an apology and deleting photos that are sexist and perpetuate violence against womyn is not good enough. Lets make sure they and their staff get educated, aware and accountable.

-Viktoria Belle, Co-Founder, Coordinator.