We did it, We are officially a Non-Profit

Message from Viktoria Belle, Founder. 


It has been the most inspiring, life changing, healing, horrifying, exhausting and empowering experience of my life, starting this organization.

In 2015 on the steps of city hall I gathered with my friends to support survivors during the Ghomeshi trails. From there the sexual assault action coalition did a lot. The original group of volunteers have gone on to do incredible things in their communities. To all of you , you know who you are, through the trails and growing pains we did the best we could and I honor and Thank you all.

From there we went onto do things like close college street bar, attend roundtables, build workshops and develop our safer bars and safer spaces training and education.

I look at everything we have done, with the little money that the community raised, with myself and a few others putting in endless hours, to what the dandelion initiative is now and my heart is full in ways I can't describe.

We have a dedicated, strong and knowledgeable board of directors , survivors from all walks of life, who value and fight to end sexual violence and gender based violence daily. We are ready to apply for grants and funding AND hopefully open another survivor led centre for healing and community advocacy.

If you would have told me when I was 21, in the depths of trauma , buried by my circumstances that I would have the honour and privilege of doing this. I would have never believed you.

The power of survivors, women and feminized folx is strong and adaptable. I hope to lead this organization with the dignity and support that we all deserve.

Thank you all endlessly for your support , a dandelion can grow through concrete against all odds, and so shall we.

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