We See You Madison Pub

This morning I received a call from CTV wanting to get some information about drugging and dosing. A young woman was found at St. Claire West Station. She was drugged at the Madison Pub. Thank you to the amazing family for making sure she is safe and her story told. Alcohol is the number one substance used in drug facilitated sexual assault, over the counter meds and street drugs like GHB and K are scentless and dissolve quick. Seek help and support if you can if you have been drugged or dosed. We believe you, we see you and we are here for you.

This is NOT the first time something like this has happened at the Madison Pub. We wanted to wait until the new year to announce this but we feel its best we share with you all now.

We are holding the Madison Pub accountable for perpetuating sexual assault, drug facilitated sexual assault and unsafe spaces for all patrons. We have attempted to reach out to the Maddy MANY times and have received nothing but resistance and hostility.

We will be launching a petition and accountability measures in the new year. We see you Madison Pub and we are holding you accountable.

To all survivors and allies, keep one another safe and accountable this holiday season and every day moving forward. 
VB and the DI

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