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Our website is meant to help survivors access resources, supports and workshops, our website also houses our Safer Bars and Spaces Training and Programs. As a not for profit organization all the earned revenue from our safer bars and spaces programs, goes back into the pockets of workers, facilitators, survivors and the organization to sustain.

We believe in the power of education as a form of resistance to sexual violence. Survivors are not just victims, we are knowledgeable, skilled, resilient, informed, engaged, active and empowered.

We have grown from whisper networks to developing policies and programs for organizations all over Canada, creating safer spaces through industry focused training and integrated community workshops.

We carry out our work on the land known in Kanien’keha as Tkaronto. It has been and continues to be home to many Indigenous peoples, most recently the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabe, Wyandot and the Mississaugas of the Credit River. We acknowledge the ongoing colonial and sexual violence on this land and that Indigenous peoples, women and two-spirit people are disproportionately effected by this violence intergenertionally. We will remain committed to prioritizing the voices of Indigenous survivors and using our resources for ongoing support and services.


Our Programs

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We offer a variety of programs to build capacity around safer spaces. Our mission is to create safer spaces that can recognize, prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence.


Safer Bars + Safer spaces training

“ I had never received training like this before, Viktoria and her team were so knowledgeable, supportive and approached this content with humility and even humour. I can’t recommend it enough”- Music Festival Organizer

policy development

In Ontario all employers are required to have an anti-harassment and sexual violence policy in accordance to Bill 132- the amendment made to the occupational health and safety act. Hire us to help you build strong, clear, survivor centric and inclusive policies.


We have a variety of classes and workshops that use an intersectional and survivor centric approach. We are always willing to adapt to your needs, just let us know in advance!

Survivor supports

We are always working to develop and deliver community based survivor supports. Please visit our supports section for helpful resources and education.



The Dandelion Initiative is a grassroots not for profit organization based in Toronto, led by survivors for survivors. Founded in 2016 and supported, developed, informed and inspired by our founder and Executive Director, dedicated community members, volunteers and our amazing board of directors.

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We are dedicated to continue providing support for survivors and education for community! Check out our events, workshops and more for the community.

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Supports for Survivors + Resources for Allies

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MAY 2018

“To any survivor I would first say: I believe you, I see you, this wasn't your fault and you are in charge of what you want to do and how you want your healing to look like.”

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We are in the process of applying for more partnerships and grants to help us grow and sustain, until then we could use your help. Please consider getting involved and supporting our work. Consider becoming an Ambassador see below for more info.


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