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Viktoria (she/her) Executive Director & Founder

Viktoria Belle is the founder of the Dandelion Initiative and the Safer Bars and Spaces Program. She is a survivor, LGBTQ community member and Romani woman, who began her work in the early years community and developed a deep connection with families, survivors and policy to prevent gender based violence. Viktoria worked many years as an Early Childhood Educator, was the coordinator at The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, she worked as the Program Manager at Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project and has contributed to many different projects, publications and movements to end gender based violence.

She has a deep devotion to survivor centric programming and research, her commitment to creating safer spaces in the bar, hospitality and live music industry has created prevention and accountability for gender based violence in the industry. She has been an teacher in Ontario for 10 years with a background in education and gender based violence prevention. She prioritizes working with diverse organizations and movements to develop and implement feminist and trauma informed practices.

“I remember every day when I was 17 years old determined to find a way out of my circumstances. The truths of peoples intersecting identities and lived experiences has to stay in the forefront of everything we do to ensure that movements are not built on the backs or necks or marginalized women/feminized people".”

I dedicate my work and my life to the survivors of domestic and childhood sexual violence, we are dandelions. Please support Romani women who are disproportionately effected by sexual violence and domestic violence, often in isolation. Learn more here


Sarah (she/her) Safer Bars & Spaces Coordinator

Sarah (Me Time) is a DJ and community advocate who engages dance music as a catalyst for social change. After meeting her life partner on the dancefloor, she founded We Met Dancing to share stories of dancefloor friendship and research the factors that create fertile ground for human connection. She brings her research to life by designing workshops, playful experiences and community programs, and through her monthly event, EveryBody, which celebrates moderation, promotes underrepresented artists and holds an intentional, inclusive, safer space for all bodies to move freely.

As The Safer Bars and Spaces Coordinator, Sarah empowers industry professionals with evidence-based tools, techniques and education that they can use to keep their spaces and teams safer.


Micah (they/them) Volunteer & Programs Coordinator

Hi my name’s Micah (pronounced my-kuh) and I use they/them pronouns. I come into this role with humility and excitement to work with our community in powerful and intentional ways. I believe in discomfort, resistance, love, sincerity, transparency, and persistence. I look forward to getting in the way, getting out of the way, resisting, and rebuilding with all of you.