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Viktoria Belle is an incredible instructor and this material is vital
— Michael Rancic, Music Journalist
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Viktoria and her team were exceptional, this information is so valuable, worth every penny and it wasn’t that many pennies.
— Nick Kennedy, Civil Liberties

Across Canada there are over 600,000 cases of reported sexual violence, sadly our workplaces and organizations are the spaces where this violence and harassment can and does happen.

You and your team will learn how to recognize, respond to and prevent harmful behaviours and actions that can put your guests, your team and your business at risk.

As a not for profit organization every contribution for this training goes back into the sustainability of the organization, into the pockets of workers and survivors and back into the community through research, data collection, programs and advocacy.

Prevention works.

We provide evidence based tools, techniques and education that are built by industry professionals, survivors, human resource professionals and experts.

We deliver our content from a integrated approach to meet every individual where they are at, creating an environment for optimal inclusive learning.

Our facilitators are highly trained and professional while remaining accessible and creating an environment of trust and dignity.


We work with your schedule!


We train at your space/location. Sessions are 3.5 hours in length.


We charge a sliding scale base fee of $250-$500 after that it is $35 a person! You will receive ongoing support, in person facilitation and policy recommendations!

If you have a team of under 5 people there is a flat fee of $300. This training is free for Indigenous groups.

Larger groups/conventions- We have built this training to be flexible if you need large group sessions please email us as well. We have trained over 70+ people.

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We have received 99% positive feedback from the 500+ participants in our training! And follow up with all spaces to measure impact and make sure you have ongoing support.



Safer Bars & Spaces List

We are setting a new standard along with many other across the country, for the Beverage, Food, Hospitality and Live Music Industry. These spaces are committed to ongoing education, support and training to keep their spaces and their teams safer.

Click on the button below to see the list of spaces we have worked with.